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- Onsite & Remote Service
- 24/7/365 Help Desk
- Monitoring & Maintenance
- Server Management
- Vulnerability Prioritization
- Email Support
(Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace)

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Managed IT Support

Our managed IT support provides the stability you need to run and grow your business.


Intuitive Technologies managed IT support service offers enhanced performance, reliability, at a predictable cost. Thereby increasing the return on your existing technology investments, while simultaneously lowering the overall expenses associated with IT issues and resulting downtime. Intuitive Technologies offer a variety of managed support options depending on your demand and needs for your business.

Fully Managed Support

Intuitive Technologies Fully Managed Support offers an all-encompassing IT support solution, catering to the most demanding business requirements. With a dedicated tech professional visiting your site each week, this service goes above and beyond to ensure your technology infrastructure operates flawlessly. Here are some key features included in this comprehensive support package:

Onsite Visits: A certified technician visits your premises every week to provide hands-on assistance, address immediate issues, and optimize your IT systems for peak performance.

Resolution Prioritization: A managed client receives increased resolution prioritization to reduce downtime. This benefit increases productivity and provides peace of mind you'll have a solution as fast as possible.

24/7 Monitoring: Continuous monitoring ensures that potential problems are identified and resolved proactively, minimizing disruptions and downtime.

Proactive Maintenance: Regular system updates, patch management, and hardware maintenance keep your IT environment robust and reliable.

Security Management: Comprehensive security measures, including advanced threat detection and regular audits, safeguard your data and network from evolving cyber threats.

Data Backup and Recovery: Automatic, secure data backups and efficient recovery protocols protect your critical data, reducing the risk of data loss.

Performance Optimization: We optimize your IT systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency, improving overall productivity.

Clients opt for Intuitive Technologies Fully Managed Support to receive unparalleled IT support, combining onsite expertise with vigilant monitoring and maintenance. This comprehensive package offers a higher level of reassurance, ensuring your IT systems consistently meet performance standards and security expectations while allowing you to concentrate on your core business objectives.

When you need better IT management

Our comprehensive managed IT services go beyond the typical offerings of other Managed Services Providers. Our services are designed to scale with your company's needs when you need it. When your computers are down, it means you can't work. Issues ranging from a sluggish server hindering access to shared company files or an unreliable email client leaving you uncertain about message deliveries. Downtime impacts your productivity, a reduction in productivity impacts your bottom line.

Often, quick fixes from local support shops lead to short-term solutions, with no guarantee of lasting results. This cycle can result in repeated visits to the repair shop, costing you time and money.

Downtime also affects customer satisfaction. Inefficiencies in your work process eventually impact your customers' experience, leading to frustrated clients due to delays or errors caused by malfunctioning systems.

Our managed IT support provides the stability you need to run and grow your business.


Additional Services

On Demand IT Support

Intuitive Technologies On Demand Support offers expert IT support, quickly resolving issues from emergency troubleshooting to software/ hardware repair.

IT Strategies & Consulting

This free service allows us to provide feedback you can can ensure your IT systems are not just functional but optimized to support your long-term success.

Remote Maintenance & Monitoring

Intuitive Technologies Remote Maintenance & Monitoring Support delivers 24/7 protection for your IT infrastructure, all without requiring any on-site visits.