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Learn how Intuitive Technologies emphasized their commitment to delivering consistent outcomes and removing obstacles in IT infrastructure for a local Social & Athletic Club.

Client Situation

The phones were unreliable at best from our VOIP provider, we weren’t getting the attention we needed. The phone provider was blaming the IT provider, the IT provider was blaming the phone provider. Nobody was talking to each other, and I as the controller of the organization was left to a “project management” nightmare in a world of IT Problems that I don’t understand. 

IT Solution

Meeting our new client in this situation, we saw a few common themes that we see with most companies that need a better IT Solution. 

  • Lack of accountability
  • Inaction
  • Wrong people coordinating efforts in an area outside their expertise.
  • Frustration

Assessing the situation and recapping several email chains, reviewing phone conversations, and consolidating many separate and confusing ticket numbers, we jumped in to the fire. We worked quickly to identify who should be held accountable for what services. Our team jumped into action after identifying the key players with the challenges. Establishing and identifying the proper people to talk to at the existing providers, Intuitive Technologies was able to eloquently coordinate a conversation between the phone provider and the IT provider to identify where the problem was. 

One of the challenges that our new partner faced was the typical and all too common IT blame game and they were caught in the middle. We got all service providers and parties involved and started knocking down obstacles and challenges together. When the IT provider had an issue, we were able to remove those barriers, and when the phone provider had an issue, we were able to eliminate those obstacles as well. Working in tandem on a live, three-way call, we were able to cut to the core of the problem and alleviate the issues within one short day when the problem had been ongoing for weeks. 


This partner now has a working and reliable phone system, as well as a more efficient network that supports their team members’ IT needs reliably. Even though their computers and phones running is just a daily expectation, it’s no different than the expectation of their cars starting in the morning, this is what Intuitive Technologies cares about delivering.

At the end of the day, our partners don’t care “who is to blame”, they really care about outcomes and results. The “Not me, call someone else” response runs rampant in the IT Industry leaving companies and individuals to play middleman to two or more providers and translate technical “languages” that they don’t often speak. It’s flat out frustrating.

Intuitive Technologies’ ability to coordinate and lead efforts for desired outcomes is a huge part of what we do, so our partners can focus on what’s important to their needs and objectives. IT systems and infrastructure are not fancy, shiny, or something that most companies brag about – they just need to work reliably and consistently. Getting the right people to take action and put things in motion often involves removing excuses and obstacles which is where we shine, both internally as our company functions, as well as when coordinating third party service providers for our partners. 

For over a decade now, Intuitive Technologies has been the proud IT Solutions provider for this partner, delivering consistent experiences for their business and team members time and time again.