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Learn how we addressed a client's dissatisfaction with their previous IT provider by prioritizing trust, reliability, and responsiveness, fostering clear communication, and implementing strategic upgrades and migrations to enhance IT infrastructure.

Client Situation

We always felt like something was missing from an IT perspective and weren’t getting the attention we felt we needed. There were band-aids and short term fixes, as well as complexities that just didn’t make sense to us. We felt like we were being lead to an unknown destination, without clear explanations or expectations.  We couldn’t really tell you “Why” we were making the decisions we were making other than we had to do something. 

IT Solution

When we were first introduced to this client through a referral, their main pain-points were:

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness

The company was being serviced by an independent IT provider - a one man show. We were that at one point in time, so we know what that’s like from a provider’s perspective as well as a client standpoint. In our experience, before we grew, we would provide reactive IT support services as needed for the companies we worked with. Often times, this would be a topical treatment for symptoms and ailments of a larger issue. Running on a tight schedule and servicing multiple clients, it became clear that we needed to add support for our customers like this one to move a client beyond fixing what they could just see and touch, to providing actual solutions that addressed the real issues. 

Meeting with this client, we were able to establish immediate trust by creating a clear path forward that they could understand and explain WHY the steps involved were important and what expectations they could have as the end result of our decisions. Taking the technical terminology out of the conversation and focusing on what the experience would be like, as well as the outcomes, it put the client at ease to make an informed decision as opposed to a reactive one. 

Intuitive Technologies was able to increase reliability of the IT infrastructure through a series of upgrades and migrations where they mattered most and had the most impact to their needs. Prioritizing the systems that mattered most to the company’s needs and objectives as opposed to upselling and short term patching, we were able to move the company forward to their goals, provide a scalable and predictable growth strategy from an IT perspective, as well as build excellent relationships and deep understandings of their end users, which may be the most important (and underestimated) part of what we do as an IT Solutions Provider. 

Understanding the company’s goals and objectives is a main focus at Intuitive Technologies, but the way that it’s delivered, felt, and experienced by the employees and team members is one of the keys to success that is often missed when providing solutions and making changes to an IT environment. 

The company also expressed suffering from responsiveness issues from the existing provider. This was one of our founder’s principal reasons for starting Intuitive Technologies. Zac Boddy often says “How can a small business, or any business for that matter, call and leave a voicemail, then wait and HOPE that someone calls back”. We’ve structured our team at Intuitive Technologies to be customer experience focused. With an average response time of 15 minutes to any request, whether it’s through email, text, or phone call, we are there to respond. Through our 4-step process, we listen, understand the issue, correct the issue, and follow through in every engagement. 

We understand that when our clients have an issue, they need two things right away. To be heard and then to have expectations set. Responsiveness is baked into who we are and why we are here. You have an issue, you need a response. 


Everyone calls their clients “partners”, but here, we take that to heart and to action when we make decisions. The success and sustainability of our relationships depends on how seriously we take our engagement with our partners. Intuitive Technologies embodies true accountability of the IT systems for this client. Ultimately, the success or failure of this partner’s business relies heavily on our ability to deliver. Intuitive Technologies views this as a core responsibility of our engagement with them from an IT solutions perspective. We win and lose together and that shapes every decision we make. Building a decade long lasting relationship through consistency in IT Services, Reliability and Responsiveness to their needs. We are proud to be a part of the team, and proud of what we are building together.