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We ran into an interesting problem on an iMac yesterday. It was running the latest OSX version and had all the updates but the system looked like it was infected just like any PC infection. Safari’s home page had been hijacked and changed to Conduit, clicking on any links redirected the result to a Zeobit website for MacKeeper and other “Mac Cleanup” junkware, and we also noticed that when Googling, results would appear that were “Powered by Dynamic Pricer”.

Call it Malware, Virus, Scamware, Scareware, Trojan, Bot, Adware, Spyware, or whatever obscenity you wish, it doesn’t matter what you call it, you just want it gone. We used a series of tools paired with some manual and visual scans of the system to remove the infection. The iMac is all squeeky clean and browsing the web happily now.

Keep in mind, whether you purchased or are purchasing an Apple product, there is still no excuse for ignoring safe web browsing habits! Here are a few references in the event you want to do more reading! We haven’t explored any of the possible fixes listed on these links, so we can’t guarantee that they are safe or proper methods for fixing this issue if you’re having it. – Information on Zeobit Apple Infection – Apple/Mac Trojan Infection – Older reference, but seems to give up some good information!


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