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If upgrading your website has been in the back of your head for a long time and you’ve just been putting it off, now is a good time to consider updating that website. Intuitive Technologies offers website design and development that can help keep your business current on the web. If you’ve considered upgrading your businesses website, here is some information that may help you solidify your decision.

Google has reported recently that it will no longer consider sites that aren’t “mobile-friendly” relevant in searches. This means that if your current website design doesn’t include a mobile friendly layout, your site will be at the bottom of the search list on Google. Intuitive Technologies┬ácan help make the process of updating or designing a new website easier and less painful for you. This article at sums up Google’s new requirements and why they are implementing them.

You can also use Google’s “Mobile-friendly test tool” to help determine if you need an upgrade at this time.

As usual, let us know if you have any questions! We’d be glad to help.


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