Waterford, MI | New Computers AND Cleanup Specials for December!

New Computers | Waterford MI

Happy Holidays everyone! Check out our new computers we're offering on special to kick off the holiday season! New computers make great gifts for the holidays. Give a computer to your student, your parents, or even your neighbor. Our custom built computers are boasting Intel processors, 1TB of data storage, 4GB of RAM, and YES, we still do have some Windows 7 keys available. Although Windows 7 is on short supply, we will continue to sell those keys until our suppliers run out. Hurry on in and grab a new computer for the holidays today! All of our computers are hand built and made to order. You won't be disappointed. Starting at just 575.00, our computers are built with care and quality. We select components based on reviews and recommendations rather than the cheapest part available. We warranty all of our products for 1 year just like the manufacturers. Our warranty support for our computers is second to none. If there is a problem with your computer's hardware or components, a 5 minute phone call will get your repair under way. No dealing with frustrating overseas technical support and no long hold times. Service is our priority when you chose to spend your hard earned money on one of our high quality custom computers. Great service is our promise to you as a customer of Intuitive Technologies. Happy Holidays! We'll see you soon.
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