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Unexpected computer repair or lost documents is no fun. Protect your computer hardware, software and work with a battery backup. Battery backups are also known as a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supplies. A battery backup can save your computer system from sudden shut downs due to power outages. It also serves as a surge protector to protect computers, monitors, network devices and other items from power surges. These devices can save you from costly computer repairs and allow you enough time to save your important work before the screen goes dark.

What brands we recommend:

While we recommend APC products, TrippLite is a great name in battery technology as well. You can expect your battery backup to last about three years without needing to replace the battery. When the battery dies, the unit will alert you to it's failure. Simply go to the manufacturers website and order a replacement battery at that time. 

How to order:

You can find these units at your local electronics stores, including Staples, OfficeMax, Best Buy and more. Obtaining the right UPS for your computer system is also crucial, here APC offers a tool to help you decide which UPS you need. 

There are many options for battery backups, to make things easier, call or stop in to Intuitive Technologies today and let us select the proper UPS for your computer system! 

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